School Choice

  • South Harrison Twp. Elementary School is proud to have been chosen by the New Jersey Department of Education to participate in the inter-district Public School Choice Program.

    What is the School Choice Program?

    The School Choice Program is a program designed to increase educational opportunities for students living in New Jersey. It provides students with the chance to attend a public school outside their district of residence without extra cost to the parents. School districts must apply to become choice districts and be approved by the Department of Education.

    Guidelines for School Choice

    1. Child must have attended their resident public school for a full year before participating in the choice program.
    2. Resident school district superintendent must provide a written letter to the parent allowing the child to apply as a choice student at South Harrison Township School. Forms are available from South Harrison Twp. School.
    3. Applicants are reminded that if a child participates in the school choice program that school choice ends with the terminal grade. In South Harrison's case that means a child who completes his/her 6th grade year will not move on to the Kingsway Regional Middle School because Kingsway Regional is not a "Choice School". It will be incumbent upon the applicant to pursue his/her options with respect to enrollment in 7th grade.


    South Harrison Townships. School's Choice Parent Information Center: Please Call Elizabeth Wright at 856-769-0855 extension 1191

    Email any questions to Steven Price at 

    For additional information on New Jersey's School Choice Program visit the Department of Education's website by clicking here