South Harrison Home & School Association

  • The SHE Home and School Association works cooperatively with teachers, administration and families to foster academic and social growth by:

    • Offering social and educational enrichment programs for our students
    • Providing a structure that encourages families to exercise their role as co-partners with the school in the education of their children
    • Fostering an atmosphere that promotes school spirit and a sense of community through volunteerism and fundraising

    Home & School brings together the administration, the families and the teachers for discussion and support of our students and each other.

    Officers for the 2019-2020 School Year:

    Stacey Tighe -  President

    Carrie Parkin - Vice President

    Jessica Norris/Corey Rossiter - Treasurers

    Robert Mazzeo - Secretary


    IMPORTANT: Preliminary results of the Travel Raffle Ticket sales show that we are at LESS THAN 25%  school participation! This will rsult in the loss of activities for our current school year - including, but not limited to Winetr Wonderland and Family Skate Night. We will also need to initiata another fundraiser during the school year, as well as increased pricing for the upcoming LipSync.

    PLEASE join us in our efforts to maintain our school culture and activities. This cannot me maintained without your participation.

    Families can support us (your school and students) by sending in a check for any amount, but preferably the $100 needed to cover the tickets sent home, due by October 18th.

    Thank you to all who have supported our initiatives! 


    Contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions at: