Use of Facilities Information

  • Thank you for visiting the Use of facilities page. If you are looking to use our facilities, below are all the necessary forms that you would need for this process.

    Please read over the Use of Facilities Policy.

    • Use of Facilities Application 
    • Use of Facilities Waiver (for each parent to fill out)
    • REMINDER - It is required that you have a Certificate of Insurance with your application. It will not be submitted for approval without the COI.
    • REMINDER - The facilities will not be open to the community on days that the school is closed, unless approved by the BOE. (example: we are closed for Thanksgiving and the Friday after, you can not use our facilities on those days)

    Once all proper information is handed in and the dates and facility of your choice is available, the Superintendent will sign off on the application, then it will need to be Board approved. Once the Board approves, you will then be able to utilize our facilities on the dates you have listed on your application.

    Katelin Maas
    856-769-0855 x 1102