Clubs and Activities

  • South Harrison Township Elementary School is proud to offer several different clubs and activities for our students from Newspaper Club, Student Council, Fuel Up To Play 60, and several new clubs offered this year. 

    Newspaper Club is an after-school activity offered to the sixth graders of South Harrison School. This club allows the students the opportunity to further develop their writing, editing, and interviewing skills while providing information to the student body and having fun! Newspaper club students conduct interviews, report on school news, take photographs, research topics, and write articles to be shared with the school community in the Roadrunner publication. The Newspaper Club reporters attend meetings 1-2 times a week after school to produce a digital newspaper. This is a great way for students to collaborate with their peers and work on their writing and editing skills, while also providing a valuable service to their school community.


    The South Harrison Elementary Student Council is under the leadership of Technology Teacher/Media Specialist, Mrs. Gail Bram and Health and Physical Education Teacher, Tim Narcisi. The Student Council is an active part of the South Harrison Elementary student body and consists of students from fourth to sixth grades. Students in grades five and sixth may run for an office position and must submit in writing the office position they would like to run for.  Sixth graders are the only ones that can become a President and must perform a one to two minute speech.  Each homeroom from fourth to sixth grade is to select through a vote, one classroom representative after official elections take place.  All students from fourth to sixth grade participate in the voting process.

    Student Council’s purpose is to serve South Harrison in the following ways:

    1. Plan special days for the elementary school.
    2. Promote school spirit and unity within the elementary school.
    3. Helping others who are more unfortunate than we are.
    4. Serve by example as positive role models to the student body.

    The Fuel Up to Play 60 Club is a program founded by the National Dairy Council and the NFL (National Football League) that empowers students to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school. This club also promotes the idea that students can make a difference in their lives by making healthy decisions! The Fuel Up to Play 60 Club will meet after school for a 2 sessions and 6 meetings per session. 


    South Harrison Elementary is offering an exciting new club this year for 5th and 6th graders - Battle of the Books!  This fun reading club will encourage students to work together and read a wide range of genres and authors.  Students who sign up read from a list of books.  After reading the books, students compete in groups to demonstrate their knowledge of the books they have read.  The competitions are similar to Family Feud.   There are multiple copies of the battle books available at school. Participating students will be responsible for reading at least four of the titles on the list.  Students will work together as a team to read all 16 books before the battles begin in late Winter/early Spring.  Battle of the Books is a great way for students to read outstanding literature and compete to show their understanding of the story elements of each book.  It’s also a lot of fun!


    We are very pleased to anounce an exciting supplementary science program that provides an opportunity for Kindergarten through sixth grade students to gain knowledge through an inquiry-based, interactive educational experience. This is also a great way to provide extracurricular programming that encourages a future interest in a wide variety of scientific fields! The new Mad Science STEM Enrichment Club will be held two times yearly, once in the Fall/Winter and one time in the Spring. Each session lasts six weeks, one class weekly. At the end of each class, each child will receive a take home sumary sheet and take home project! Topics may include lights, color, action, matter, optical illusions, magnets, and electricity!


    The Art Club is an after school program designed to allow students the opportunity to express themselves through art (e.g., drawing, painting) using multiple mediums. This club is open to students in Grades 2-6. 


    Our new Drama Club is open to students in Grades 4-6 and is designed for students who love to act and perform. All students with theatrical talent, artistic ability, or interest in staging are welcome to participate. 



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