Curriculum Guides

  • The South Harrison Elementary School District maintains a strong commitment to providing students a curriculum that is aligned to grade-level standards and challenges students to think critically while meeting the needs of diversified learners. This involves effective instructional planning on the part of the teacher, the use of strategic instructional strategies, and ongoing assessment of student learning.


    South Harrison's teachers take an active part in curriculum development. The curriculum revision cycle helps to ensure all disciplines are evaluated and revised regularly. Well-designed curricula can assist teachers in designing powerful learning opportunities, providing a seamless grade progression, and improving student performance.  


    Planning for student success begins with a focus on student-centered classrooms. Teachers create lesson plans incorporating a variety of assessments with student-centered learning as a foundational framework. Thinking skills and strategies are at the center of student learning.


    The Regional Curriculum Team supports the articulation, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the district’s curricular programming. Members of the team help to build a professional and knowledgeable network within the school community through on-going professional development. Standards-based curriculum, performance-based learning and assessment, and G.R.E.A.T. Instruction to increase student achievement are the core mission of the South Harrison Elementary School District. 


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  • Key Points in Student-Centered Learning


    • Students benefit when they have choice in demonstrating their understanding and application of their learning.
    • Effective instructional activities meet academic standards and student needs/interests.
    • Decisions about instruction are based on assessments of what students already know and can do.
    • There is a strong connection between what students are learning in class with applications in the world beyond the classroom.