• Students of South Harrison have been attending the New Jersey School of Conservation better known as Stokes trip since 1991.  This is a 3 night/4 day camping trip held in Stokes State Forest. The programs at the NJSOC (New Jersey School of Conservation) are designed to provide the students with a greater understanding and appreciation of Earth's life support systems and the impact human actions are having on them. They are also designed to help students gain self-confidence and to develop skills, such as experience working as teams to solve problems through critical thinking, collaboration, and cooperation, that will be needed to solve current environmental problems and to avoid future ones. The environmental education programs provide field experiences in the environmental sciences, humanities, outdoor pursuits, and the social sciences.

    Each 6th grade class is responsible for fundraising funds for this trip to take place.  The key to success in fundraising is through a concerted effort of all 6th graders and their families.  Families do have the option of paying for their child(ren) which excuses them from fundraising activities.  We bring seven teachers,  and a nurse will be present as well as some volunteers including Mr. Pettit (resident of South Harrison) to act as chaperones.

    If there any questions regarding fundraising, please see Ms. Tanguay as she is the 6th Grade Activities Coordinator.  All other questions can be directed to the Stokes Coordinator, Mrs. Olsen.