• Mission Statement:


    The primary goal of the South Harrison Township Elementary School District is to prepare each student with the real life skills needed to compete in a highly competitive global economy.  This will be achieved by providing a comprehensive curriculum, the integration of technology, and the professional services of a competent and dedicated faculty, administration, and support staff.


    Guiding this mission will be local initiatives addressing the individual needs of our students as well as federal mandates, including the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  The diverse resources of the school district, which includes a caring Home and School Association (HSA) and active adult community, contribute to a quality school system.  They serve an integral role in supporting positive learning experiences that motivate, challenge and inspire children to learn.


    Curriculum and Instruction Goals:


    1. To ensure students are college and career ready upon graduation 
    2. To vertically and horizontally align curriculum K-12 to ensure successful transition of students at each grade level
    3. To identify individual student strengths and weaknesses utilizing various assessment measures (formative, summative, alternative, etc.) so as to differentiate instruction while meeting the rigor of the applicable content standards
    4. To improve student achievement as assessed through multiple measures including, but not limited to, state testing, local assessments, and intermediate benchmarking


    Philosophy of the Shared Curriculum Service with Kingsway Regional School District:


    Together in its partnership with the South Harrison Township Elementary School District, the Kingsway Curriculum & Instruction Department is committed to providing all students grades K-12 with an engaging and quality curricular experience that aligns with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJ SLS) for mathematics and English-Language Arts as well as the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJ SLS) for all other core disciplines.  It is the goal of this shared service to provide students with curricular and educational experiences that allows them to succeed as they move on to the middle and high school level.  Through this shared service, both horizontal and vertical alignment is stressed at and within each grade level with the aim of developing life‐long learners who are college and career ready upon graduation from high school.  Additionally, classroom instruction will be designed to meet the unique learning desires of all children and will be differentiated according to the needs of each learner.  Whether through added support or enrichment activities, it is the role of the educator in the classroom to ensure students are reaching their highest level of social, emotional, and academic growth each school year.  A combination of summative, formative, and performance-based assessments will be used to assess students’ understanding and acquisition of necessary concepts and skills.  Group work, projects, and a variety of co-curricular activities will make mathematics more meaningful and aid in the understanding of its application across all disciplines as well as in life.  


    How to Read the Curriculum Documents:

    This document contains a pacing guide and curriculum units.  The pacing guides serve to deliver an estimated timeframe as to when noted skills and topics will be taught. The pacing of each course, however, will differ slightly depending upon the unique needs of each class.  The curriculum units contain more detailed information as to the specific skills and concepts that are introduced as well as how students will be assessed.  The terms and definitions below will assist the reader in better understanding the sections and components of this curriculum document.  



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