Media Relations Consent Form

  • South Harrison traditionally celebrates the accomplishments of its students by sharing information with the community. To do this, the District may submit media releases that include student names, student work, and student photographs to the local media. The District may also publish information about students and their accomplishments in District-sponsored publications or display such information at various school functions. While the intent of this practice is to be informative and celebratory, the District recognizes that concerns may arise regarding a student’s right to privacy.

    Pursuant to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), school districts are permitted to release “school directory information” unless parents exercise their right of refusal. Under the FERPA law, this information could include: student name, residential address, e-mail address, phone numbers, photographs/images, school locations, field of study, degrees, honors and awards received and participation in athletics and other activities.

    South Harrison School District also recognizes the potential risks of publishing student information and images on the Internet. In order to ensure the safety of our students, the District complies with the New Jersey State statute which requires school districts to obtain parental permission for the posting of “personally identifiable information” about individual students on the Internet. This law is separate from the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which relates to “student directory” information being published in print publications.

    It is the intent and practice of the School District to publish, post, or release ONLY a student’s name, photograph, audio and/or video recording, displays of student work or other information and ONLY as related to student achievement, (e.g. academic/athletic recognition or award) student accomplishment, (e.g. a specially selected piece of work) or student/school spirit (e.g. school pep rally) to the following: local media, a District-sponsored publication; a school function, the District’s Website, or other District-approved Websites.

    The District issues Media and Web Non-Consent forms to parents or guardians. These opt-out forms are located below.

    If a parent or guardian does not want the information noted above to be released as indicated, he/she must sign and return the related “non consent” form to the school.  Once received it could take up to 1 week to be processed into our system.

    Permission may be rescinded at any point during the school year by sending a note to the building principal. The rescission will take effect upon receipt by the school.

    To download a copy of the Media Non-Consent form, click here.