School Mission

  • The Board previously held a Strategic Plan workshop for parents, community members, staff, administration and Board members. The results of this produced a mission statement and four goals.

    The South Harrison Township School District in partnership with an engaged community, prepares students to become confident, capable, life-long learners and problem solvers by providing experiences in a safe, supportive and academically challenging environment. 


    1. Community Involvement - The Board will research, develop, design and pilot programs which will involve students, teachers, parents and community members.
    2. Finance - The district will increase its revenue so programs can be added to and expanded for the students of South Harrison.
    3. Facility Improvement - The board will make sure sufficient space will be available to the South Harrison Township School to accommodate increased population.
    4. Curriculum & Instruction - Students in grades three through six will score at the 85th percentile in areas of reading, math, language arts, social studies and science, as measured by the NJ State Test. The Board will make sure the district goes beyond the core standards and enhances our curriculum.
    South Harrison Twp. School currently has two full day kindergarten classes, two 1st, and three 2nd,  3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes. The Board of Education is committed to small class sizes to insure a maximum degree of individual attention, leading to closer student-teacher relationships and fostering a healthy learning environment. Additionally, there is a morning and an afternoon pre-school disabled program.The experienced teaching staff strives to help each student develop strong academic skills, emotional growth and a positive self-image. The basic programs are tailored to the needs of the students at each grade level. In conjunction with regular classroom instruction in the academic subjects, the district offers programs in special subjects such as Special Education, Physical Education, Art, Music (vocal and instrumental), Gifted & Talented, library, and computer technology. Part-time services are available in speech and guidance services, as well as Child Study Team services.

    The South Harrison School District has an outstanding reputation among districts in Gloucester County and throughout the state for its exceptional academic program. We are proud of the work that our teachers and staff do to prepare our fifth and sixth grade students for Kingsway. Our departmentalized program established a solid foundation for our children to be successful at Kingsway. We had a very successful test experience as our teachers in kindergarten through grade two have done an outstanding job preparing our students for the State standards. We are proud to announce that we exceeded the State standard in the areas of language arts, mathematics and science. Thanks to the Board, the teachers, staff, parents, and children for their hard work preparing for the State standards.

    Finally, we are trying our best to maintain and keep the educational progress, class size and curriculum aspects of our program intact. However, the wealth of our community continues to grow and our State aid continually decreases, which makes it difficult to keep our current program intact. Our hope is that with the challenges ahead, our Board and the community will continue to support our educational program.