Aligning Curriculum K-12

  • “The notion of a coherent implemented curriculum is simply accepted by most educators as a matter of faith.”

    – Dr. Robert Marzano, Educational Researcher


    It is a long held belief that students who transition from separate school districts arrive on the campus of Kingsway Regional Middle School at varied levels of preparedness.   As a result, students face a challenging transitional period attributable to an “uneven playing field,” causing unnecessary frustration and additional academic hurdles for our children.  Recognizing the indispensable need to more effectively transition our students, the South Harrison Township Elementary School District worked in partnership with the Kingsway Regional School District to establish a shared curriculum service agreement to provide a coherent K-12 curriculum and instructional support.   This agreement officially commenced on July 1, 2013.


    This shared endeavor services the districts in a variety of ways including curriculum development, instructional guidance, teacher evaluations, professional development, resource alignment, valid and reliable assessment building, and program establishment. Prior to this shared service agreement, South Harrison Township Elementary School noted that sending elementary schools had independent and detached curriculum that did not equitably prepare all students for arrival onto Kingsway’s campus in seventh grade.


    Aligning curricula, programs and instruction K-12 is critical to the success of students as they progress through their academic careers helping to ensure that content and materials taught reach the academic standards imposed at the state and national levels.  This paradigm  provides the supports necessary for student success across all grade levels and evokes positive and productive educational dialogue among districts.

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