Visitors to the Building

  • Parents and visitors are welcome at school; but in order to MINIMIZE CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS, ALL visitors are asked to report to the Main Office when arriving on school grounds and receiving a visitor's label. If you have an important message or something to deliver to your child during the school day, please leave it with the school secretary. In this way, disruptions to the children's learning are kept to a minimum.

    Please do not go directly to the classroom to see the teacher without previous arrangements having been made with the teacher as the attention to their students in the classroom is his or her primary responsibility and an unexpected visit is often disruptive to the learning process. It is also important that teachers give their undivided attention to students at dismissal to ensure their safe departure, so please wait to meet with a teacher until all students have been dismissed to their parents and/or bus.

    We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.