Fingerprinting for Public School Employment

  • Please view the instructions below on how to complete the Fingerprinting process.  


    Effective June 27, 2016 - Once you have completed this process the employee/applicant will access the Department’s secure website at http:// and access ‘Criminal History Review.’ Once at the site, the employee/applicant must select ‘Approval Employment History’ and then enter his/her Social Security number and date of birth. The employee/applicant will have access to his/her employment history records displaying the Applicant Name, Process Control Number (PCN), Approval Date, County Code, District Code, School Code, Contractor Code and Job Position. The report history will also contain a watermark of the State of New Jersey (center of page if printer allows), a unique identifying document number that cannot be replicated and the seal of the State of New Jersey with the Department’s address in the lower left corner. The applicant/employee will be able to print the employment history that replaces the approval letter and validates that the applicant/employee has successfully completed the criminal history record-check process.


    When you change districts or if there is a break in service, you must archive your prints. 


    Should you have any questions regarding the fingerprinting process please contact Kate McEntee, Human Resources, at 856-467-4600 ext. 4323.

Fingerprinting Instructions

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