Public Question to Be Voted On

Public Question to Be Voted On

About the School Security Proposal

  • School safety is a top priority for the South Harrison Twp. Elementary School District and it has always been our obligation to protect the hundreds of students and staff who arrive on our campus daily. No one who goes to school should ever feel afraid for their wellbeing.


    The school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School this past February changed school safety standards for us all and improving school security measures for our students and staff in today’s world has become the priority. This is one reason we added our new visitor management system this September so that we can verify the identity of a visitor, keep track of check-in and checkout times, print custom visitor labels, and check the database for registered sex offenders who may attempt to gain access to our schools.


    That’s why on November 6th, Election Day, the Board of Education has authorized a Separate Proposal for the community to consider in the amount of $120,000. These funds, if approved by eligible voters, would be used exclusively for the enhancement of school security; including, but not limited to:


    • Upgrades to the district’s outdated analog phone system and wireless infrastructure;
    • The purchase of school emergency response equipment and visitor management hardware and software, as well as various facility improvements that enhance overall school security.
    • Improvements to include emergency strobe lights for large areas such as the cafeteria, gymnasium and playground where it may be difficult to hear emergency announcements;
    • Emergency notification system to include pop-up alerts on computer screens in real time;
    • A transaction window in main foyer vestibule to minimize visitor entry into the building; and, improvements to our school security cameras.


    Approval of this proposal will not result in a permanent escalation in the district’s tax levy and will result in a one-time increase of approximately $100 on the average assessed home. The funds will be levied in the February and May tax bills of the 2018-19 year.  This is equivalent to just over eight dollar per month. Additional information will be released prior to the community’s opportunity to vote on this proposal during the general election on November 6th.


    We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff and believe that improvements to these specific items will go a long way in ensuring a more secure environment. Thank you for your attention to this important announcement.

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School Security Announcement

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