Free/Reduced Application Information

  • Things to Remember

    • Only ONE application per household is required.
    • Only those households wishing to apply for free and reduced priced meals must complete the application.
    • If your child received free or reduced priced meals last school year, an application must be filled out every year to determine if your child qualifies.
    • The Kingsway Regional School District free and reduced application certifies only the South Harrison Elementary School District and the Kingsway Regional Middle/High School.
    • If your family has a change in income status during the school year, you may complete an application at any time.


    If you're having trouble completing the application, you may contact the District's Deteriming Official, Ms. Holly Haynes 856-467-3300 x4227

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    Application Instructions

    Meal Application

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    Spanish Application Information (Informacion de la aplicacion espanola)

    Spanish Application Instructions

    Spanish Meal Application

    Spanish Sharing Information Form