Characteristics of a Gifted Child

  • Bright children are often capable of handling a great deal of work at high levels. The gifted learner, however, goes beyond expectations in surprising ways. They make connections that may not be obvious, and deal with problems creativly and inventivly. Because their gifts may not be consistent in all areas, they may also be difficult to identify easily.

    Gifted children and youth possess high potential and/ or ability for which the students’ learning characteristics and educational needs require qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and/or services.  Possession of these talents and gifts, or the potential for their development, is evidenced through an interaction of above average intellectual ability, task commitment and/or motivation, and creative ability.

    Below offers a comparison of the bright child vs. the gifted learner presented by Janice Szabos in Challenge Magazine, as a guideline: 



    *Knows the answers.
    *Is interested.
    *Is attentive.
    *Has good ideas.
    *Works hard.
    *Answers the questions.
    *Top group.
    *Listens with interest.
    *Learns with ease.
    *Six to eight repetitions for mastery.
    *Understands ideas.
    *Enjoys peers.
    *Grasps the meaning.
    *Completes assignments.
    *Is receptive.
    *Copies accurately.
    *Enjoys school.
    *Absorbs information.
    *Good memorizer.
    *Enjoys straightforward sequential presentation.
    *Is alert.
    *Is pleased with own learning.

    *Asks the questions.
    *Is highly curious
    *Is mentally and physically involved.
    *Has wild, silly ideas.
    *Plays around, yet tests well.
    *Discusses in detail, elaborates.
    *Beyond the group.
    *Shows strong feeling and opinions.
    *Already knows.
    *One to two repetitions for mastery.
    *Constructs abstractions.
    *Prefers adults.
    *Draws inferences.
    *Initiates projects.
    *Is intense.
    *Creates a new design.
    *Enjoys learning.
    *Manipulates information.
    *Good guesser.
    *Thrives on complexity.
    *Is keenly observant.
    *Is highly self critical.



     For more further understanding, please read the article The "Bright Child" vs. the "Gifted Learner": What's the Difference?