What are Common Summative Assessments?

  • South Harrison Township Elementary School District will use Common Summative Assessments (formerly titled: "Model Curriculum Assessments") as a measure to benchmark student progress against grade-level goals outlined by the District’s curriculum.  By utilizing standards-aligned assessments, teachers are able to understand student’s prior knowledge, evaluate enduring understandings, differentiate and focus instruction, and create an academic experience that allows for more accurate and relevant reporting in relation to the standards.


    As a philosophy, we believe that all assessments are designed to guide student instruction and improve academic achievement. Having real-time student achievement data is powerful. Thoughtful and strategic discussion of student achievement data will ensure that students have met the target grade-level benchmarks, and, more importantly, provide information regarding what areas and standards students still need to master. During data meetings, teachers and instructional supervisors will engage in collaborative discussion and critical reflection of data trends to both identify causes of gaps in student learning and effectively adjust instruction to close gaps and further progress.


    What are Common Summative Assessments (CSA)? 

    Common Summative Assessments (CSA) are locally developed benchmark tests that track a student’s academic and skill development over the course of the school year. 


    What is the difference between Common Summative Assessments (CSA) and State Assessments?  

    Common Summative Assessments (CSAs) are designed as classroom tools for teachers to evaluate academic progress throughout the year in relation to grade-level standards.  State assessments such as the NJASK or PARCC are state-mandated tests given to students throughout New Jersey at various grade levels year to assess whether they meet grade-specific state standards.