SCRIP Gift Cards

  • Now HERE'S an easy way to raise funds for South Harrison – one that requires you to spend NOTHING extra!

    Do you want to get a gift for your favorite Teacher, Principal, Administrator, Staff Member or Bus Driver? A SCRIP Gift Card is the way to go!!! 

    Do you buy groceries at ShopRite? Just get a ShopRite Scrip (gift) card from Home and School. You get money to spend at ShopRite - AND South Harrison earns money from your purchas! That’s it - nothing more for you to buy!

    There are plenty of cards to choose from that are also available in different amounts:

    • Barnes & Noble,
    • Target, Kohls,
    • CVS,
    • Disney,
    • Starbucks,
    • Macy’s,
    • RiteAid,
    • and more 

    You can also visit to see the full list of cards available and order directly from the site!

    It’s a fast, easy way to help Home & School generate revenue to support the great programs we offer our kids – Assemblies, Family Bingo, Winter Wonderland, and more.

    When ordering, make checks payable to South Harrison Home and School and send with your student to school. Address the envelope: Attention Corey Rossiter. You can also contact Corey directly at with any questions.