Important Information


    Students are assigned to a specific bus by the school Administration. Students will not be allowed to ride any bus other than those assigned in both a.m. and p.m.  Students are to cooperate with the driver by being ready on time and by conducting themselves in a proper manner. The driver has complete authority on the bus. Any student who acts out of order on the bus or at the bus stop will be referred to the Administration. Students are to be at assigned stops 10 minutes prior to assigned time (subject to change by driver) and wait until 10 minutes after assigned time before considering the bus late.

    Pick up times are subject to change.  This change may happen during the course of the school year as the district is growing and the needs of the students could change.  We will make every attempt possible to make you aware of any extreme changes in your child's route.  It is imperative that you keep the school registrar up to date with any contact information changes as soon as possible.


    1. The driver of the bus must be obeyed.
    2. While waiting for the bus, pupils should not stand in or play in the road or abuse property of the homeowners living near the bus stop.
    3. Students should be courteous in lining up, entering or leaving the bus.
    4. Students should be seated in their assigned seats.
    5. All students must remain seated until the bus comes to a full stop.
    6. Pupils shall at all times keep their entire bodies on the bus.
    7. No one should make unnecessary noise, shout or use objectionable language.
    8. No student will be permitted to throw or shoot articles within the bus or out of the bus windows.
    9. Pupils should not fight or engage in hazing of any sort or type.
    10. All students must ride their assigned bus and enter and leave the bus at their assigned bus stop.
    11. No food or drinks are permitted on any bus.


    Any student requesting permission to ride home on another student’s bus or any other alternate form of transportation must have notes of approval from his/her parent/guardian and the parent/guardian of the student with whom they are riding home.  Students must present their notes before or during a.m. homeroom to the Principal’s Office. Please note: these procedures apply to emergency situations only as we will not honor requests for social conveniences.